The Naveenam Story

The beginning of the Naveenam journey

Tamil is modern

If you believe that love inspires, then it is by no means an exaggeration to say that our love for Thamizh inspired us to embark on the Naveenam journey. Thamizhodu Naveenamaavom (Get modern with Tamil)! This is the vision that got us started. We believe language goes beyond serving as a communication tool and is undeniably an identity of a community. Our goal is to establish a sense of pride and identity amongst our Thamizh community across the world, for generations to come, as we go about our daily lives using various lifestyle essentials!  


Our design philosophy 

Designs by Naveenam

In a marketplace where Thamizh based products such as T-shirts, mugs, mobile phone covers and stickers are already being well-received by our community, introducing a new range of lifestyle products is indeed a huge feat. Nevertheless, we stuck to our guns and took on the challenge of creating T-shirts with our very own unique and exclusive designs, and bringing a Thamizh touch to modern lifestyle essentials with a trendy look and feel. Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. That is exactly what our design philosophy is all about: using catchy Thamizh phrases complemented by vibrant colours with no-frills. 


Building a true Thamizh Spirit!

Be loud and proud of who we are! That is what we stand by always! Hence, right from choosing our brand name to our marketing approach, we decided that Thamizh will be given prominence. This is the reason we named our business as Naveenam and branded our product collections after their respective Thamizh names: Sattais by NaveenamKudais by NaveenamKuvalais by Naveenam, & Kavasams by Naveenam

Rather than riding the wave of the Thamizh spirit currently prevalent in the marketplace, we at Naveenam sincerely persevere to stamp Thamizh not just as a classical language but instead as a contemporary language for ages to come; more so as an identity that we can be proud of no matter what may come!


Yours Thamizhfully,

Team Naveenam